The Awareness Academy is a no-cost, strength based, prevention focused project to help empower children to Pause & Get Calm by using their breathing when anxious, angry or upset. The goal of the project is to help participants:

  • Recognize their Awareness.
  • Navigate their inner world (of thoughts, feelings, memories & imagination.)
  • Understand their outer world (of people, places, things & their relationship to them.)
  • Practice pausing and breathing to calm down when anxious, angry or upset so they can see clearer, get unstuck and process information more effectively.
  • Bring playfulness and light-hardheartedness to personal development.

The project offers a variety of printed material and interesting items to help reinforce the concepts & practices. Training can take place for an individual parent and kid online or for a *school, classroom or group offline.

Program includes:

  • Academy Letter
    Participants receive a written letter which states their “Awareness has been activated” and introduces the concept of Awareness
  • Academy Membership Card
  • Breathing Bands (Pause & Get Calm) (child and 1 adult)
  • Snap-on Breathing Buddies / Calm Coaches (Bots, Animates & Monsties)
  • WordPrint© exercise sheets (Seeing the bigger picture)
  • Calm Coins
  • Sticky-Note Challenge (at home activity with parent/guardian)
  • *In-School posters (Academy Affirmations, Quotes on awareness, breathing, etc.)

Currently, the project is written for ages 8-10 ( 3rd & 4th grade level and beyond) and a parent/guardian. The project is flexible for delivery. Below is a suggest track for an in school delivery:

  • Day 1: Academy Letter goes home in backpack
  • Day 2: Poster / signage hung in school halls,
  • Day 4: Backpack: Breathing Band, initial Breathing Buddy, adult bracelet w/parent letter & website. Teacher receives their personal Breathing Band and special teacher snap-on (apple)
  • Ongoing: Online Content to earn more Breathing Buddies: Sticky Note Challenge, WordPrints, etc.

Add-On Public Appearance for Events:
Awareness Academy Representative available to engage special groups (parents, teachers, private groups, etc.) through public speaking engagements.

  • 30-60mins
  • Talk, Activity, Q & A
  • Overview of need, general solution, overview of tools (WordPrint, Breathing Bands, Breathing Buddies, Sticky Note Challenge, expansion, practice and leveling up, etc.)
  • Attendees participate in creating WordPrints.

Interested in participating as a school, classroom, business or community group? We offfer cost effective packages for groups. Contact us at (716) 854-5033

Want to participate online as an individual parent and kid? We offer free participation. Click Begin to get started.