When quietly aware we make better decisions.

The mission of the Awareness Academy is to activate our awareness. We want to get into the habit of noticing what it’s like to be aware and taking actions when we are aware.

When our awareness is activated we become calm. When calm our heads clear and we can use our imagination to see things in new ways and in more ways then one. When we have a variety of options to choose from we can challenge limited, old or destructive thinking and imagine ways to we can best support our goals.

How does the Awareness Academy work?
It’s pretty simple. You go along a training track which introduces a few basic ideas and brings you through a few simple exercises. After that, you receive a special item designed to help remind you to notice your awareness throughout the day.

Here at the Awareness Academy you will be training to:

  • Recognize your awareness.
  • See things in new ways or many ways; not just one.
  • Develop a reaction of awareness when faced with strong emotions.
  • Access simple exercises and fun items for encouragement and support.

Before long you will develop the habit of pausing, getting calm and recognizing that you are aware. From there your natural ability to think in new ways and take meaningful action kicks in. That’s a useful skill to help keep anxiety, anger and stress from setting us off course.

The project is designed for ages 7 & up. Kids are encouraged to go through it with a parent. Individual adults can train on their own or with friends.

Are you ready to become an Awareness Agent? To begin, go to the TRAINING ROOM.