When we are anxious, angry or upset our emotions are so strong that we may get stuck on just one thought. That thought turns into a story and that story may seem like the only one.

Getting stuck on a thought can leave us feeling powerless. We need a way out.

If we Pause and focus on taking a slow, deep breath we get calm and gain the power to see things in more ways than one. When calm we can question our thinking, consider more possibilities and gain the power to act on what is best.

WordPrints© show us that everything is made up of more than one thought. When we know this we begin to see things in more ways than one. WordPrints help us list a variety of thoughts & descriptions associated with an object or event. Another way to look at this is that every noun has a set of adjectives and adverbs that give it meaning.

Download and complete a few WordPrints. They’re interesting, engaging and fun! This simple exercise will train your awareness to see the bigger picture from many perspectives. When we are aware of many thoughts it’s hard to get fooled by just one!

Download Exercise Sheet