[below is a beginning draft for the letter that kicks off the project…]

Welcome to the Awareness Academy! Grab something to write with. Do you have a pencil or a pen?

Good news- your AWARENESS has been activated!

You might be thinking “what does that mean?” Well, basically, It means YOU have the POWER to know what things means! What kind of things are we talking about? Well, anything and everything! Things like…

Cars, boxes, bikes & trees…
Numbers, colors, pausing to sneeze…
Big things, small things, curly things, goats…
Apples, waffles, breathing & boats.

Ok let’s use our Awareness! Right now, wherever you are, PAUSE, take a look around and find 3 things you see and write them in these spaces:

1. _________________________     2._________________________    3._________________________

Hey – you used awareness to know and see those things! See, like I said, your awareness has been activated. (We use it whenever we PAY ATTENTION or FOCUS on something. You are using it right now as you read these words, see?

It’s pretty simple… AWARENESS is the part of us that can recognize things.

But, not just things around us. We also use it to see things INSIDE ourselves. You might be thinking “That’s impossible, I can’t see anything inside me!” Well, that might be true, but just to be sure, let’s try something…

First, let’s Pause & Get Calm by focusing on our breathing. Just pay attention to your breathing as you take a couple of breaths. Once you are calm, close your eyes and imagine a number between 1 and 100.

Write your number here:_______.

See how the number appeared, as a thought, INSIDE you? Whenever we see our thoughts we are using our Awareness to see them. Hmmm, I guess you CAN see things inside you.

Actually, there are at least 4 things we can see inside ourselves. Thoughts, feelings, memories and imagination.

These four things make each of us very special (and a little different from everyone else.) Combined they make up our ‘self’. We all have a ‘self’ of our very own.

Everyone’s ‘self’ is different, but we each have Awareness to view our self and the world around us. Awareness is something we all have in common no matter what our differences. Even our parents have Awareness in them!

So, again, congratulations and welcome to the Awareness Academy.

As a member you will get a small but special item to help keep your Awareness activated. Don’t you wonder what it might be?

Since you don’t know what it is yet, you would have to use your Awareness and Imagination to see it. But, remember, things aren’t always exactly as we might imagine. We’ll be giving your special item to your teacher and they will give them out over the next week. Plus, there will be a second one for you to give to an adult in your home too. Giving is fun! In the meantime, enjoy using your Awareness to know your thoughts, feelings, memories and imagination!

Be well-

From all of us at the Awareness Academy
1010 Invisible Way
Limitless, AI, 10101