Breathing Bands are wristbands designed to help remind us to Pause & Get Calm to help develop a wellness response to anxiety, anger or stress.

When we Pause & Get Calm by focusing on our breathing we interrupt our thoughts and vent strong emotions. Calming down activates our awareness and we can see clearer. With clarity we can choose which thoughts and actions are best.

Kid’s Breathing Bands have a special space where they can snap-on a Breathing Buddy to help remind them to pause, breathe and see solutions. The snap-on characters (little robots,  animals & monsters) keep it playful and interesting while participants develop their practice. Oh, and they glow in the dark too- who doesn’t love that!

Plus, each child receives an adult Breathing Band to take home and share with a parent or guardian. It comes with a simple note to explain to the parent about the project and provides this website as a resource. This creates opportunities to practice together and opens communications regarding awareness, breathing, anxiety, stress and approaches to manage them.